Our work can be measured. With our high success rate.

Discreet, efficient and fast, we find the experts and managers that fit your business. Top Executive Search for Cloud, Big Data and storage. The logical result of good cooperation: 100% of our customers are repeat clients – for good reasons.We save your resources (time and money):

  1. We know the IT world through our own management responsibilities.
  2. We specialize in the core areas of Cloud, Big Data and Storage infrastructure.
  3. Within these core areas we cover all functions and departments, from marketing and sales through to pre- and post-sales, from management to the salesmen..
  4. You benefit from the very beginning of our assessment expertise.
  5. Through our close-knit international executive search network, we have quick and direct access to top candidates throughout Europe.
  6. We advise our clients independently, on a long term basis.
  7. We guarantee professional service, thanks to the latest tools and integrated processes.
  8. We are a founding member of the TRA (Trusted Recruiter Association)
You can rely on our commitment. We search for positions with a minimum annual salary of six-figures. High class executive search.