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Our Business is Finding the Right People for Your Business.

The founder

Welcome to NORDH Executive Search

NORDH Executive Search is an independent and owner-managed personnel consulting firm specialising in the occupation of specialist and managerial positions in the area of it – with the following main areas:

  • Security
  • Datacenter
  • Big Data
  • Cloud
  • Storage
  • Startups
  • Software Development

Founded in August 2007, NORDH executive search from Munich covers the entire German-speaking area and offers consulting services throughout Europe. Based on operational management experience and a network that has grown over the years, NORDH executive Search is an established partner in a dynamic, constantly changing industry. Over the past ten years, NORDH Executive search has been able to successfully occupy over 200 specialist and managerial positions.

Don’t settle for less!

A matter of discretion, trust and loyalty.

Discreetly, efficiently and quickly we find the specialists and executives that fit your company. We offer top executive search for datacenter, security, big data, cloud and storage. The logical consequence of good cooperation: 100% of our customers give us follow-up mandates – for good reasons…

Trust us: We offer excellent executive search, find the optimal specialist or manager for you and occupy your vacant position in a timely manner. We focus on positions with six-digit annual salary.


It’s about qualification. For us, this includes personality.

Ultimately, our success can only be measured by its success. That is why we know very well the companies we are looking for. Whether you need executives for security, storage or cloud, we work closely with our clients and are your trusted advisor and companion in the important decision: “Who will shape your business in the future?” Our principles are as follows:

  • The best minds for a company are the key success factor in the competition.
  • We know and understand not only your industry and your competitive environment, but also your corporate culture.
  • We find candidates for our customers who fit their business perfectly with their professional competence and personality.

Why work with us?

What we can do for you:

  • Network: We offer a unique network of potential candidates and customers to achieve a qualified search and efficient results
  • Trust-based relationship: It is important to us that you see us as a reliable partner.
  • Specialized IT know-how: Within the framework of our own management experience, we are specialized in core areas of the cloud, security, big data and storage infrastructure. In these core areas, we cover all functions and departments, from marketing and sales to pre-and post-sales, from management to sellers.
  • We save your resources (time and money): Based on our knit International Executive search network, innovative tools and well integrated processes, we have quick and direct access to top candidates across Europe.
  • We advise our customers in the long term and independently of each other.


We find the experts and managers that fit your business.

Headhunter of the Year

Selected as headhunter of the year 2016, 2017. 2018 and 2019 in Germany in the category “Candidate experience”


We are discreet, efficient and fast.


The logical result of a good cooperation: 100% of our customers are regular customers-for good reasons.

Proven success

The numbers don’t lie.

The company Experter GmbH ( is the premium career and recruitment marketplace of Europe, used by five million executives and professionals, and has conducted an anonymous candidate survey on NORDH executive search Performed.

(The rating is “very good” and “good”. As of March 2018)

Evaluation of the professionalism of personnel consulting with respect to the following criteria:
Evaluation of the know-how of personnel consulting on the following points:

The accuracy of the position to which they were addressed:

  • Respectability 95,6% 95,6%
  • Reliability 90,1% 90,1%
  • Integrity 95,6% 95,6%
  • Appearance 91,2% 91,2%
  • Knowledge of my Profile 87,9% 87,9%
  • Knowledge of the industry 97,8% 97,8%
  • Knowledge of the customer company 95,8% 95,8%
  • Knowledge of the concrete position 95,6% 95,6%
  • Tasks/function was appropriate/interesting 94,6% 94,6%
  • Industry was fitting/interesting 98,9% 98,9%
  • The position was a further development 87,1% 87,1%
  • The position corresponded to my career goal 88,2% 88,2%
Antwort eines Kandidaten:
"Sehr gute Kenntnisse der Branche und der Firmen für die geworben wird."
Antwort eines Kandidaten:
"Kurze Reaktionszeit und offene Kommunikation"
Antwort eines Kandidaten:
"Persönliche Ansprache, hervorragende Kenntnisse der ausgeschriebenen Position"
Antwort eines Kandidaten:
"War mit Abstand die beste Personalberatung seit Jahren! Professionell, sehr gute Tipps, zielführend."
Antwort eines Kandidaten:
"Zuverlässig, seriös, hat sehr gute Positionen Beratung in Gesprächen ist auf höchstem Niveau."
Antwort eines Kandidaten:
"Individuelle Betreuung und Beratung (Coaching) im Bewerbungsprozess. Offenheit, Zuverlässigkeit und Transparenz rundeten die professionelle Zusammenarbeit ab."
Antwort eines Kandidaten:
“Sehr professionell, zuverlässig und vertrauensvoll. Sehr gute Kenntnis der Branche und Vorbereitung auf die Interviews."
Antwort eines Kandidaten:
“Sehr gute Kenntnisse meines Profils, meiner Pläne und damit ein guter Match zur angebotenen Stelle. Danach eine hervorragende Vorbereitung auf die verschiedenen Vorstellungsstufen, jeweils passgenau und zielführend."
Antwort eines Kandidaten:
"Nachhaltigkeit (bleibt in Kontakt mit potenziellen Kandidaten auch wenn sie für ein anstehendes, aktuelles Projekt nicht verfügbar sind). Freundlichkeit, nimmt sich Zeit, hinterfragt."
Antwort eines Kandidaten:
"Menschlichkeit, Zuverlässigkeit, macht den Eindruck die Kandidaten und Profile auch wirklich zu kennen."
Antwort eines Kandidaten:
“Der intensive persönliche Kontakt und Austausch war sehr hilfreich und hat mich persönlich weiter gebracht."
Antwort eines Kandidaten:
“Den richtigen Kandidaten auf die richtige Position zu besetzen. Und nicht einfach schauen aus welchem Fachbereich der Bewerber kommt und dann einfach mal vollquatschen. Das war in meiner Situation diesmal nicht der Fall.”
Antwort eines Kandidaten:
“Eloquenz und Professionalität, Schnelligkeit, Klar in der Kommunikation."
Antwort eines Kandidaten:
“Das seriöse Auftreten beim Erstkontakt von Nordh Executive Search”
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Founder and managing director of
Nordh Executive Search

Jan Nordh is a Swedish native. Its drive is to achieve goals, both for customers and for candidates. Jan Nordh attaches great importance to professionalism, trust and discretion.
Excellent HR consulting for security, datacenter, storage and cloud: Jan Nordh brings knowledge and experience from over 25 years of management practice in various functions to us IT companies, including 18 years with storage providers alone. During his career he worked for companies such as Cisco Systems, Brocade Communications, Veritas Software, Legato, EqualLogic and Decru.
After working in Sweden and the USA, Jan Nordh has been active in Germany for many years with a focus on Europe. Here he built up offices in Europe for a variety of start-ups from Silicon Valley.
Jan Nordh understands the IT industry, knows the requirements of security, datacenter, storage and cloud vendors, and has expertise to successfully establish start-ups in Europe.

2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, NORDH Executive search was awarded with headhunter of the year .

nordh Executive Search headhunter profile
nordh Executive Search headhunter profile
nordh Executive Search headhunter profile
Nordh Consulting headhunter profile

The great wide it world very close:
We’re going to zoom in.

Any search for a peak force requires your particular angle of view. NORDH executive Search works across Europe with a network of personnel consultants for the security, cloud and storage sectors – with a focus in England, France, the Benelux countries, Sweden, the USA and also the D-A-ch region. Many of our partners also have More than 25 years of experience in the area of executive search. Through this network we know the well-known decision makers of the storage, infrastructure and cloud segments and can serve all European markets.

The advantage for our customers: they always receive all consulting and services from a single source at all times.
Executive Search at its best.

Offene Stelle:
We are looking for a Lead Auditor (ISO 27001) for a leader in IT Security Consulting near Munich.
Offene Stelle:
We are looking for a RVP DACH for a vendor which is the leader in IT Security solutions.
Offene Stelle:
We are looking for a HR Business Partner DACH for a leader in IT Security solutions (Vendor) near Munich.
Offene Stelle:
We are looking for a Cloud Sales Manager DACH for a leader in IT Security solutions (Vendor) near Munich.
Offene Stelle:
We are looking for an SVP Software Engineering for a leader in Open Source Software near Luxembourg.
Offene Stelle:
We are looking for an ISMS Specialist for a leader in IT Security Consulting company near Munich.
Offene Stelle:
We are looking for a Head of Consulting for a leader in IT Security Consulting company near Munich.
Offene Stelle:
We are looking for a Security Consultant for a leader in IT Security Consulting company near Munich.
Offene Stelle:
We are looking for a Presales Engineer for a leader in Cloud Security solution near Germany.
Offene Stelle:
We are looking for an Account Executive for a leader in Data Management near Düsseldorf/Köln.
Offene Stelle:
We are looking for a Account Manager Public for a leader in Data Management near Germany.
Offene Stelle:
We are looking for a Consultant for a leader in IT Security Consulting near Munich.
Offene Stelle:
We are looking for an IT-Architect - INFRASTRUCTURE / CLOUD for a leading IT-​Consulting- and System Integration company near Munich.
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